Does Stress Affect Our Skin?

The Negative Effects Of Stress On Our Skin

We deal with stress every single day. Whether it's our job, family or just trying to juggle too much it all has an affect on our skin. Stress can cause breakouts, dry skin and even eczema which means serious skin frustration. Leading to a feeling of helplessness and lack of confidence in ourselves.

When the body is under stress it goes into fight or flight mode. This means an increase in adrenaline and also an increase in Cortisol (stress hormone). With chronic stress that's where the real issue comes in. As this ramp's up Cortisol produced by the adrenal glands, which is vital in helping the body to deal with stress. Basically the Cortisol is protecting your body but the problem lies in when it's happening all the time. With the body being constantly flooded with the hormone this means an increase in inflammation. Your immune system is impacted. All the things we are predisposed to like Rosacea and eczema flares up.

Inflammation starts in the gut and slows down digestion which then triggers all these skin issues. With the body under stress and the adrenaline increasing the skin can become dehydrated. When the body thinks it's under stress it tries to cool itself down by replenishing it with water. The result is dry skin. 
Stress can also cause skin to get oilier as there is a shift in hormones. The levels of oil increase which means blocked pores and breakouts. Which causes even more stress. It's basically a vicious circle. If your microbiome (skin barrier) is thin and unhealthy, the bacteria that causes acne will penetrate the pore, becoming inflamed, painful, and infected.

What we know is that continual increased cortisol also steals your sleep. The best shot to get glowing skin is to take a holistic approach. Fighting the cortisol cycle and lowering inflammation in your body starts by reducing stress, feeding your body anti-inflammatory foods, and stimulating the lymphatic system.

Self care is so vital to help calm the skin, reduce stress and get that healthy glowing skin you are dreaming of. 

Our Top 8 Self Care and Skincare Tips:

1. Meditate every day whether it's 5 mins or 20 mins a day. Take a moment and breath to reset your mind.

2. Change what you eat. You literally are what you eat. Look at adding in your greens. We like a green juice so as to get all your daily greens in. Feed your skin with Vitamin A, C and E. Look at taking a gut health powder that has all these ingredients and more this will make a massive difference to the development of your skin cells and the functioning of your body.

3. Use a cleansing balm at night that doesn't strip your skin but nourishes and hydrates. You want one that will balance the oil in your skin and take away the excess oils. Even if you have oily skin this is the best way to clean and get that glowing healthy skin you need. 

4. Mint herbal teas are amazing to help balance your hormones that can trigger breakouts. Also blends that have rosehip, hibiscus that are rich in Vitamin C that helps with collagen production and skin renewal. Herbal teas are rich in antioxidants and known for their anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory properties.
5. Drink water even if you don't want to. The absolute minimum is 1 litre but we really need to get in those 2 litres a day. Hydration is KEY for your gut and brain to function properly, your skin looks even more amazing. Drinking more water it flushes toxins, reduces inflammation, stimulates circulation, and drives skin & body health. Healthy clear glowing skin really starts within.
Tip: We love a face mist to add hydration to the skin. Stay away from toners that will strip your skin.
6. A good skincare routine is key. Take your time in the morning and in the evening. Taking care of your skin and taking action will really help. A good mask for 20 minutes in your eve 2/3 times a week is a must. It will make you just stop and take a moment to relax but also help your skin.  The Hydration Booster Mask with CBD really helps soothe inflammed skin, reduce the redness and just calm and hydrate. Give yourself the pamper you deserve. 
7. We all know we need 8 hours of sleep but it's not always so easy to get there. Don't stress over this. Try and calm your mind before bed with a bath and some body oils, listen to chilled music, do some yoga if that helps, spritz your pillow with some lavender. If you need to journal and get all those thoughts out of your mind then do it. Get those to do lists done so your brain can just chill. Just take a moment to breathe.
8. Multi Tasking Skincare is what we believe in. Ingredients that really work. Take stressed skin and have the glow skin you deserve. Confidence looks good on you.

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