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Lumi Glo Clean Beauty

Tired of trying to fix your skin?

At Lumi Glo we understand what it's like to have breakouts, eczema and stressed out skin. It's frustrating and leaves you feeling a little hopeless. But don't worry we got you.

Our sheet mask is infused with our hero ingredient CBD Fruit Extract that soothes and gives instant relief to breakouts, rosacea and eczema. Plus helps with anti-ageing and dry skin.


The hydration powerhouse Hyaluronic acid added to our CBD skin care infused sheet mask will give you some serious moisture, plus, get the added radiance of plumped, smoothed and glowing skin. .

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Lumi Glo Glo Queen

Meet Shahnaz 

Lumi Glo created by the founder makeup artist Shahnaz Cola-Wrensch. Shahnaz is all about being a glow getter but also believes in skin health. After being a makeup artist for 10 years she fell in love with skincare and always dreamed of creating her own brand. "I love to layer skincare to get that ultimate glow." Even before you get to applying foundation skin needs to be at its best. 

A good skincare routine is so vital as our skin is the biggest organ in our body. Our skin is a miracle of nature. Taking care of your skin has become more important that ever with the environment we live in. 

We are starting with sheet and eye masks because not only are they popular but they give that instant skin boost. We see and feel instant results. Using amazing ingredients such as CBD Fruit Extract we are combing each mask with key ingredients that everyone should have in their routine. Plus we are so proud to be cruelty free and vegan.  

Lumi Glo Glowing Skin

Why use CBD Skincare?

CBD has become one of those ingredients that is an absolute must. We live very stressful lives which means stressed out skin, ageing and breakouts are too name but a few. CBD has so many amazing benefits for the skin but most known for being anti-inflammatory. Using CBD can significantly enhance your skincare routine. It's such an amazing antioxidant as it helps get rid of free radicals and slow down the ageing process. 

"This CBD mask is truly a miracle in a packet. Reduces redness & leaves my skin feeling hydrated after my microneedling sessions. Also super hydrating & soothing on my eczema prone skin, especially during a flareup.  Would recommend this sheet mask to anyone with sensitive prone skin.  It's a must have in my books"


Owner Loveit Sanctuary Spa

I discovered the Lumi Glo sheet masks before I left for Europe! They saved my skin by putting the moisture back in from traveling and created a stress free self-care moment that I really needed with a stress of a move. 

I absolutely adore them and haven’t found anything that quite compares (and I’ve been testing a lot of what Europe has to offer)

So when friends /family travel and ask what they can bring? Lumi Glo masks for the win! 

 Bailey Geordiades
Radio presenter &Blogger

"Love that this sheet mask is environmentally conscious (biodegradable), I  could definitely feel the soothing properties of CBD and my skin  was glowing from all the hyaluronic acid  - think hydration hero!"


Women and Home Editor

Beauty Ethos 

Glowing Skin is Always In
Lumi Glo was created to really focus on healthy skin with that glow getter vibe. Ingredients that are cruelty free and clean. 
Using active ingredients that are really effective. 
We believe in loving your skin.

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