Is Hemp-Derived CBD Legal? 

The CBD laws for South Africa state that Legal CBD products are required to contain no more than 0,001% THC in South Africa and are derived from hemp plants rather than marijuana plants.

Lumi Glo products contain no THC and are fully legal.

Are our products safe for use during pregnancy?

Our product contains no THC and our ingredients are natural.

In the case of pregnancy we would still suggest that you consult you medical professional before the use of our products.

While many natural ingredients are safe to use during pregnancy, some should be avoided completely and some in certain quantities.

We provide our key ingredient list for each product on our product page.

Why is CBD so great for skincare?

Anti-Acne – CBD has been shown to minimize sebum production and normalize an overactive sebaceous gland, resulting in less oily skin and reduced clogged pores. Anti-inflammatory – CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties are great for reducing puffiness, redness, and calming the skin. Moisturizing - The fatty acids found in CBD (that’s still in an oil form) include omega-6 and gamma-linolenic acid which facilitate moisturization. Antioxidant - CBD’s antioxidant properties can help protect against free radicals in the environment, which is great for preventing fine lines and wrinkles. * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

What Skin type is your product range best for?

While developing our range, we tested on a wide variety of skin types.

Our range is suitable for all skin types. With CBD as our active ingredient and some amazing other ingredients, we treat skin conditions like, aging, acne, eczema, redness, dryness, excess oil etc.

We created something that everyone will be able to use.

Is CBD safe for everyone to use?

The CBD in our product has been lab tested and is completely safe for use for anyone over 6 years.





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