Sustainable Skincare; Why You Should Care

Why We Care

I was recently asked about what really Lumi Glo is about, what I do and really why should people care? These are all really key questions when starting a brand and really made me think about what's truly important and what I really care about it. There is always questions about clean skincare and sustainable skincare and what's better? For me I wanted to create a brand that was cruelty free, vegan and that you could at least recycle. But also launch products that really work and are still kind to your skin. 

There are arguments from both sides of those who want clean skincare and who want sustainable cruelty free skincare. I am not saying either is better. What I do know is that the sheet masks we use have been tried and tested on lots of skin types and the ingredients have really worked. 

So whats the difference between clean sustainable and clean skincare? Is one better than the other? 

There are actually two types of clean beauty.  This is a quote from the chemist I work closely with on there differences:
"I firmly believe that sustainable is more important than natural. Sometimes wonderful and clean products can be made from using synthetic raw materials that have a very small impact on the earth, and come from more sustainable sources.

Natural beauty is skincare that comes from the Earth. Natural sources can be more harmful in some instances, and the drive to use more natural products can also cause problems, i.e. deforestation due to the unsustainable natural oil sourcing."

There are 2 very strong opinions on this. There are 100% clean beauty brands such as Eco Diva which is also really a great brand with a great story, where all their ingredients come from the earth. Then there is clean sustainable beauty where Lumi Glo falls under. Our ingredients are vegan and cruelty free plus all ingredients are sustainably sourced.

Quality Ingredients Only 

At Lumi Glo we have mixed a combo of powerful active ingredients that work. Each ingredient is not harmful to the environment and no animals were tested on. We made sure that the extra ingredients used are still kind to your skin. I wanted to create a product that was going to help people with stressed out skin. Which resulted in get healthy glowing skin. 

Skin health is very important to me. I spent a lot of time working on models as a makeup artist and saw how stressed they were if there skin wasn't at it's best. Glowing healthy skin means a more confident you. Each ingredient used is with my clients in mind. Whether you have dry skin, sensitive skin, red skin or even exzcema the mask really works. 

Shahnaz x

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