Why You Need To Add Eye Masks to Your Skincare Routine?

It's all well and good that you apply sunscreen, exfoliate, mask and get your hydration on. But what about the eyes? This really is a key area and one that gets missed out a lot. You can't rely on applying cucumbers to your eyes to depuff because it only lasts so long. You need skin care with active ingredients that will help with puffiness, fine lines, dehydration and redness. You need this area to glow and look radiant. 

I do love my eye creams but there are times I need something extra. Eye masks are cut outs that contain all the ingredients in a juicy serum you need for a serious under eye pamper. They give extra nourishment and hydration for the thinner skin under your eyes. They are designed to deliver  ingredients to this delicate area with higher efficiency than creams due to the lower rate of evaporation of the serum because of the eye mask material on top.
Eye masks are a great way to deliver the necessary ingredients to your under-eyes. They are  quick, effective and give great immediate results. I Iove them for a quick pick me up, but for long-term results you would have to accompany them with skincare treatments for brightening or anti-ageing to see long-term results.
I get asked all the time about dark circles under the eyes. Even though eye masks can really help hydrate, brighten etc. They won't get rid of dark circles. You will need to get an in clinic treatment or surgery. 

Why the Lumi Glo Eye Masks?

As I love eye products so much I have now launched 4 formulations. All with the super hero ingredient CBD Leaf Extract that soothes, hydrates and calms the delicate eye area. I have super sensitive skin and sometimes the aye area reacts with certain products. If you struggle with eczema these are safe to use.
The Eye Brightener is great if you do struggle with dark circles as it contains Niacinamide which is the brightening superhero. Plus the squalene really helps hydrate and nourish. Best to use before an event, on your wedding day or if you are just at work and you need a boost.

The Eye Plumper is great as it contains Collagen that helps plump those tired looking eyes. Plus the Aloe Vera helps sooth the puffiness. After a good cry these bad boys are amazing. I love to use these when I am exhausted and haven't had enough sleep. Fine lines are plumped away and I feel soothed.
The Eye Illuminator is from the origional Hydration Booster sheet mask. Think hydratyion, hydration and more hydration infused with CBD Leaf Extract, Hyaluronic Acid plus some other amazing nourishing and hydraying ingredients. Think hello hydrated luminous eyes. 

The Eye Glow Up has a double shot of Vitamin C in the form of Kiwi Fruit Extract and Ascorbic Acid, CBD Leaf Extract and Vitamin E. Amazing for brightening, healing and adding radiance and glow to tired eyes. 

The masks are great as  they don't slip off thanks to the biodegradable bambo plus they feel like silk. You can dry your hair, get some work done or even do some cooking while wearing the masks so there is never a time to say "well i was just too busy"  Each pack contains 3 applications so they are great value for money.

Shahnaz x

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