A Busy Mum's Skincare Routine

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Being a mum is tough work ( not saying anything bad about the dads) but it is tougher for us. We get pulled in a million directions and then throw in work and it can just be a whirlwind. I find my days can just be a blur or kids, work and life. I never get 8 hours of sleep, so I need to ensure my skincare routine is going to get me maximum glow and hydration. 

My skincare routine happens after exercise when all the chaos of the morning is done and kids are at school. Working from home has its luxuries. But if you are a mum that has to get her skincare done before kids are dropped off and you need to get to an office minimalism and multi tasking products are key here. Plus adding in a night time routine so that when you wake up your skin already feels so good. 

My Skincare Tips For Busy Mum's:
1. Choose products that have a few antioxidants so you are getting your hydration, brightening and calming at the same time. If time is minimal you want a multi tasker. Choose a moisturiser that is super hydrating and will help lock in the  moisture:

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2. Keep a face mist in your bag so when you feel like life has been sucked out of you mist your face and see your skin glow before your eyes.

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3. Apply an under eye mask while you are busy getting everything ready in the  morning. You can hydrate those eyes while you are packing school lunches. 


4. Sheet Mask at night so you get that relaxing self care time in the evening while kids are chilling or sleeping. You can chill and watch your favourite series, have a bath you name it.

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5. I love a cleansing balm at night because it gets all my makeup off beautifully but leaves skin feeling so hydrated and plumped. Combine it with a sheet mask and you will wake up like a glow queen.  

Remember to put yourself first and take care of your skin, health and body. A happy mum is a happy life.

Shahnaz x

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