Your Glo Guide for Oily Skin

Oily skin is characterised by a distinct sensation of excess moisture and a persistent greasy or slick texture. When you touch oily skin, it can feel slick to the touch, and often there's a noticeable shine, particularly in the T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin).

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The Eye Illuminator Eye Mask
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Glo Plump Set
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Some helpful beauty tools:

Rose Quartz Gua Sha

Rose Quartz Gua Sha

The Gua Sha is a gemstone facial massager, made from smoothly polished rose quartz crystal. This heart-shaped stone gives you a non-invasive way to tone your face and rejuvenate your skin. The stone is a great way to relieve tension in the neck and shoulders. It also helps to combat lines and wrinkles, firm your skin’s appearance and boost circulation as well as aid reducing dark circles. 


- Improves skin elasticity 

- Contours and sculpts 

- Reduces the appearance of puffiness and fine lines

- Eases facial muscle tension

- Promotes absorption of skincare products

- Promotes lymphatic drainage

- Calms inflamed skin

Skin Concern
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Smittens x Lumi Glo

Smittens x Lumi Glo
Smittens x Lumi Glo
Smittens x Lumi Glo
Smittens x Lumi Glo
Smittens x Lumi Glo

Smittens x Lumi Glo

Smittens are a microfibre mitten that completely deep cleans your skin in seconds using nothing but warm water! The tiny Smitten fibres can absorb the finest, microscopic particles of oil, dead skin, impurities and even bacteria. 

By gently massaging, they deep clean your pores. The result is a superior cleanse that eliminates the very environment (oil, dirt, bacteria and grime) in which skin conditions can erupt, without disrupting the sensitive acid mantle (pH) of the skin.

Skin Concern
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Apply the sheet Mask to keep skin moisturised to avoid further oil buildup. This is so important when it comes to oily skin. The additional moisture from the sheet mask will keep your skin well-balanced. Apply 2 times a week for that extra hydration boost. The CBD Leaf Extract is another key ingredient in helping reduce the
sebum production and acne. Don’t forget to take the excess of the serum and massage into your neck and
décolletage. Leave on for 20 mins and remember do not wash off the serum. You can use your Gua Sha after to
list, sculpt and get the blood flowing in your skin for that natural glow. ⭐️

Apply your eye mask on cleansed skin and then carry on with your skincare routine. When applying take the
larger side and place on the outer corner of your eye. Leave on for 20 mins for best hydrating and plumping

Spritz the face Mist either on cleansed skin, after your sheet mask, before you apply your serum, or after
makeup application. Or as many times as you want. When it comes to the mist go crazy. You will see a big
change in your skin’s radiance and hydration. Plus, the mist will help keep skin well-balanced all day long.

Firstly, just take in that beautiful scent of the Super Glo, it’s amazing right? Apply the moisturiser after your serum and before your SPF. Massage into your face and neck. The perfect pre-makeup skin prep step. Your skin will be thanking
you for it. ⭐️
Apply your sheet mask on cleansed skin. It’s the perfect way to relax and unwind either in the bath or while
watching your favourite Netflix series. Take a straw and a glass of wine and sit back and relax while our mask does all the heavy lifting. The glo getter and skin soother sheet mask are also perfect to prep skin for the ultimate glow before a night out or big event. You will be turning heads with that gorgeous glow. ⭐️

Apply the face mist after cleansing your skin and then lock in the moisture with the moisturiser. Wake up the next day with seriously plumped and hydrated skin. You deserve to feel confident in your skin.


  • Oily skin is often caused by genetics, hormonal fluctuations, and overactive sebaceous (oil) glands. Environmental factors, diet, and certain skincare products can also contribute.

Yes, moisturising is important for all skin types, including oily skin. Use a lightweight gel-based moisturiser to maintain the skin's moisture balance without making it greasier.

Seek products with salicylic acid, glycolic acid, niacinamide, and hyaluronic acid. These ingredients can help control oil, minimize pores, and maintain skin hydration.