Welcome to the Lumi Glo gang Affiliate program. Our program is designed for glow creators who are passionate about skincare, self care and self love to share the love with others. As an affiliate of Lumi Glo you can earn anywhere from 10-20% commission every time a sale is made though your unique referral link and code.

Lumi Glo offers beautiful affordable skincare that truly works, loved by our customers, makeup artists and creators. We are so excited to partner with you to spread the word and help as many people get confident in the skin they are in. Apply for our program today and start earning money while sharing all the benefits of Lumi glo and how to get glowing skin that will turn heads.


  1. Must be based in South Africa
  2. Must have a PUBLIC social media platform to post on and to tag Lumi Glo on  (Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube)
  3. Have an interest+ knowledge in skincare and skincare products 
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  5. Must have high engagement rate and/or 2k+ followers


Do you ever take the time out to really care for your skin? Is self care actually something you practice? Do you wish your skin was glowing, radiant and healthy? Your skincare routine doesn’t need to be stressful. You can pop on a mask and get that instant skin gratification. 

Lumi Glo was created to really focus on healthy skin that glows. Giving you more confidence so you can go rock it every day. Using ingredients that are vegan and cruelty free, multi-tasking and really effective. CBD Leaf Extract is the hero ingredient in all products because of its amazing super powers to help heal, reduce oil production, soothe breakouts and eczema. We believe in loving your skin to give the glow you deserve.