Our Founders Story

“I fell in love with skincare as a makeup artist. I loved how I could totally transform skin from looking tired, stressed and dull to healthy & glowing and also how it impacted a person's confidence. Models would love sitting in my chair because they knew they would be taken care of not only with their skin but also emotionally as I love making people feel good and nurtured. It's from my love of the combination of helping someone feel confident, wanting skincare that helped stressed out skin and that would work on my sensitive skin, that I launched the brand.

It was only when I trained as a make-up artist and then started beauty blogging that I really started to learn about skin. I learnt how good skin meant more confidence but also I have learnt that fully accepting yourself and loving the skin you are in is so important.”

- Our Founder, Shahnaz Cola-Wrensch

The Vision

We see a future where the industry focuses as much on who we are as well as the skin we’re in. We want Lumi Glo to reshape how customers perceive self-care and skincare. We’re here as a brand that inspires change; finding confidence, self-acceptance and self love so we can live to our fullest potential by embracing who we truly are, embracing the skin we're in.

The Mission

We are committed to helping women feel confident in themselves and their skin in an industry that focuses on all they need to ‘improve’. It’s our mission to bring women together, to empower them to make positive changes and build a brand that celebrates skin by offering high quality, clean and active ingredients that are empowering and easy to use for all skin types.

Learn how to glow from the outside in with Shahnaz at her monthly workshops.

Prepare Your Skin:

Start with clean and moisturised skin. You can apply a facial oil, serum, or moisturiser to create a smooth surface for the gua sha tool to glide over. This also helps prevent excessive friction.

Hold the Gua Sha Tool:

1. Hold the gua sha tool in a comfortable and secure grip. You can use the curved edge or flat edge, depending on the area you are treating.
Begin with Light Pressure:

2. Start with gentle pressure to avoid bruising or skin irritation. The goal is to create a slight "scraping" sensation without causing discomfort.
Choose an Area:

3. Decide which area of your face or body you want to target. Common areas for facial gua sha include the cheeks, jawline, forehead, and neck. For body gua sha, areas like the back, shoulders, and legs are popular.
Scrape in One Direction:

4. Using the gua sha tool, scrape the skin in one direction, typically in upward or outward strokes. Maintain a 15 to 45-degree angle between the tool and your skin.
Repeat Strokes:

5. Perform 3-5 strokes in each area before moving to the next. You can repeat these strokes several times if desired.
Focus on Problem Areas:

6. Spend extra time on areas where you have muscle tension or specific concerns, like fine lines or puffiness.

Be Gentle Around Delicate Areas:
Be very gentle when using gua sha around delicate areas like the eyes. Use the tool with extra care to avoid causing any damage.