Lumi Glo's Founders Top Self Care Tips

Finding Balance

Self care has become a key part of my life since getting COVID and not far off adrenal fatigue. It's something I strive for every day to make sure my mental and physical health are at their best. The sleep issue is still there and will take some time but I work at a good routine every day to make sure I am calm, feeling positive and oh yeah, glowing. 
I really wanted to share with you all my top 10 tips for self care that should really help with a happier you:
1. Meditation: This has helped me in so many ways I cannot tell you. Now I am not your happy clappy kinda girl. I like the more modern meditation that relates to what's going on in my life. All you need is 10-15 mins in the morning. It's an amazing way to start your day. I love ones about positivity, manifesting your perfect day and just letting go. The 21 day challenge with Gabby Bernstein is where I started and now I mix it up. I also love a guided meditation at night that totally calms my brain down to help me fall asleep. Check out the insight Timer for this.

 2. Journaling: Writing down your intention for the day and how you are feeling really helps out things into perspective. I started with The Manifestive Collective and it's totally changed my life. There is an amazing Facebook Group you can join and can always get advice on how to journal and what works for you.

3. Decluttering: OMG I can't tell you how much this has helped me. I lived my life in absolute chaos for so long. Launching Lumi Glo and then running myself into the ground. I started working on the pantry and the kitchen. My office is now such a beautiful working space that I feel happy as soon as I see it. Your personal space is so key to mental health and feeling good.

4. Ground yourself: Try if you can stand for 20 mins barefoot on the grass. It's been proven to totally ground you. Or just go have a cup of tea or read a book and chill while doing it. I promise you it calms your mind.

5. Skincare Routine:
For me sitting at my vanity table taking my time with my skincare routine really helps me start my morning right. I even listen to podcasts or even watch a Netflix movie while doing this. It takes my mind away from all the things I have to do or anything that is stressing me out. Give yourself 15 minutes especially if you work from home.

6. Positivity List: I can really focus on the negativity sometimes. My soulful business coach told me that every time someone says something positive then put it in a file and go back and look at it. It can really lift you up.

7. Celebrate: I was recently told to celebrate 1 success a day. It can be small but to focus on the achievement really helps the mind. I used to focus on what I didn't get done. But it's OK if it doesn't all get done in the day and you can just pat yourself on the back.

8. Daily Affirmations: This may sound cheesy but seriously it really helps. A lot of the time we think we don't deserve something or a friend or family member does something to hurt you. Saying I am enough and I am amazing really helps. I challenge you to write 25 amazing things about yourself. I got to 19 so it's still a work in progress.

9. Be Vulnerable: Really this was almost my worst. I felt I had to be strong because that was my way to survive. It's OK to ask for help and to say hope you really feel. Don't keep it all inside.

10. Family Time: Spending time with my kids feeds my soul. Make time for each other and really connect. You never know what's going to happen and that's what I have really learnt this year.

I really hope this post resonates with you and helps you in some way.

Shahnaz x

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