How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles

When it comes to dark circles a lot of the time it's due to being tired and just not getting enough sleep. However some people really suffer and it's that easy to get rid of them. There are many ways to sort out dark circles from brightening eye creams and serums to vitamin-infused concealers. The skin under your eyes is the thinnest on your entire body, so you need to be very gentle with it. 

Why do we get dark circles?
While some late nights aren't so bad, constantly depriving yourself of sleep can put your body in a constant state of stress. Although in some cases you just can't sleep and then the body gets pumped full of cortisol and then you have an issue. Our skin is the first to show signs of any problems. 
Sometimes it's a hyper pigmentation issue, a bad diet,allergies, rubbing your eyes, iron deficiency, smoking, inherited genes and dehydration. Most of these can be sorted but there are the occasions where nothing will really work. 

5 Tips on how to treat dark circles:
1. Applying a cold compress really helps as this constricts the blood vessels and reduces the appearance of dark circles. 
2. More sleep is really obvious but not always easy. If you go sign up to my glow secrets I cover sleep techniques. If this doesn't work consult a hormone specialist to see why sleep is a struggle.
3. Eye masks and brightening eye creams are amazing to help with pigmentation, lighten the dark circles and hydrate at the same time. I love to keep my eye masks in my skin fridge so they also help with no 1. The Lumi Glo Eye Brightener is the business when it comes to dark circles. Niacinamide is a superhero when it comes to brightening. 
4. Be gentle when removing eye makeup. Rubbing hard can cause extra blood flow which can mean dark circles. Use oil based eye makeup removers and gently wipe in outward strokes. 
5. Add Vitamin C into your skincare routine. Ascorbic Acid found in our Eye Glow UP Eye Masks helps prevent sun damage and may brighten age or sun spots. The antioxidants in vitamin C may also encourage collagen production and higher circulation for firmer skin.
6. If you are staring at a computer all day try blue light glasses to help reduce hyperpigmentation.
7. A Deep tissue facial massage can really help to stimulate the facial muscles and help the skin get tighter. Alternatively invest in a microcurrent Foreo that helps improve facial contour. It's basically like pilates for your face. By lifting the brows this can help with dark circles. 
Makeup Tips on How to Cheat Dark Circles:
8. Brightening Eye primers are a great way to cheat the glow under your eyes. The Smashbox Photofinish Eye Primer helps cover up the imperfections and add light to the skin. It's all about cheating the glow so by the time you add your concealer, eyes look bright and awake.
9. Layer a creamy concealer that's two shades lighter than your skin tone.This really makes a massive difference in covering those dark circles. Gently pat in the concealer with fingers, a sponge or a blending brush. Always be gentle with your under eye area.
10. Stay away from light shimmer products on your lids as this can focus on the darkness under your eyes. Rather apply lots of mascara, fill in your brows and apply highlighter on the top of your cheek bones to distract from the under eye area. Go wild and add some red lippie on and see how your complexion glows and you just look so much fresher.

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