Celebrating Women This Women's Month

Today and this month Lumi Glo is celebrating the amazingness of all the women out there. I want all you Glo lovelies to self care not only with your skin but with your mental health and true self love. So many women don't value themselves, don't pamper themselves and put themselves last. Lumi Glo is a brand that wants to celebrate self love and self care because you are truly worth it. 
Shahnaz The Founder;
I am a wife, a mum of 2 beautiful kids, makeup artist, beauty influencer, self development podcaster and entrepreneur of a skincare brand called Lumi Glo. I was born in London and have been living in Cape Town the last 15 years.I love helping people feel good about themselves and inspire them to glow from the inside out. 
My Journey:
My journey has been a long one to get to where I am today. In my 30's falling pregnant with my darling girl was a true turning point in my life. I started doing things that I was passionate about to truly make me happy. I trained as a makeup artist and got to work with amazing models and magazines. Making other women feel good was such an incredible feeling. That led me to beauty blogging playing around with so many amazing products I realised I had a love for skincare. It took a pandemic and hitting burnout to launch Lumi Glo because I realised life is too short and you never know what will happen. If you have a burning desire to follow your dreams then do it
Self care has become such an important part of my life that I want all women from a young age to start loving their bodies and their skin. It's what I teach my daughter that at age 13 she is confident in her skin, she is celebrated and she has an amazing self care routine. I want to inspire Tatiana and all those I can reach that we as women are incredible. 
Some of my fav female skincare brands:
Now there are so many brands that I love. What I love the most is female owned brands with women who inspire. We are here to inspire those around us and here are some that I love:
Afari - I am obsessed with the Brightening Elixir. It's such a goodie for bright radiant skin.
Kudu Cosmetica - Their facial oils and serums wow I love for skin hydration and health. 
Sunday Riley - The C.E.O Glow Face oil is my absolute go to when it comes to glowing skin I can't live without it. 
Skoon - I love lots of their products, my fav the WOW WOW Wonder Serum and the Glow Drops are amazing for my skin. I am all about Vitamin C, brightening and glow. 
My dream is to become a brand as big as Go To Skincare created by Zoe Foster. I love everything about her brand and how cool she is. Skincare should be fun but effective. 
Some words of inspiration: 
Celebrate the amazing women around you
Shut down negativity you want people around you who truly want you to be happy
Give a shout out to a female business you love 
Tell the women in your life why you are grateful for them
Live every day with passion and purpose
Be your true authentic self because you are amazing and people who truly matter will love who you truly are
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Happy Women's Day!

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