About the Brand

Glowing Skin is Always in


Lumi Glo was created to really focus on healthy skin with that glow getter vibe.

Ingredients that are cruelty free and clean. 

Using active ingredients that are really effective. 

We believe in loving your skin.

Made in South Africa 

Lumi Glo uses locally made ingredients. Working with a local lab to help make our sheet mask dream come true. We also believe in helping local business. 

Lumi Glo made in south africa
Lumi Glo cruelty free and clean skin care

Cruelty Free and Clean



We use ingredients that are cruelty free and vegan. Our masks are biodegradable (bamboo). 

Sulphate free, NO BPA's or PEG'S.

NO parabens, NO microbeeds, 

NO formaldehydes, NO silicones and 

NO synthetic colours.

CBD Fruit Extract


Skin health is really key to Lumi Glo. Our sheet masks are infused with active ingredients that really work. 

Each mask contains CBD Fruit Extract that really helps people that suffer from sensitive skin. Soothes redness, breakouts, dry dehydrated skin relieves eczema.

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Lumi Glo clean skin care

Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are a great way to get instant skin gratification. They are amazing for really giving that extra boost to the skin. They allow the skin to rest while its busy rehydrating and getting moisture back into the skin.