Top Tips for Glowing Skin on your wedding day.

Updated: Jun 21

1. Make sure you have a good skincare routine from the get go. This will ensure that you have no crazy reactions to any skincare before the big day. Exfoliate your skin at least twice a week and make sure it's gentle on your skin. You want your skin to be glowing and feeling really soft. A good mask routine at least once a week. If you struggle with breakouts or your skin is just sensitive then the CBD option is a real winner. You want to make sure your skin is at its best.

2. Relax time is key. You want to try and eliminate as much stress from your life. A good self care routine is a must. Make sure the few weeks leading up to the big day you get your facial in at least 2 weeks before. Get a couple of massages in.

Self care Sundays are the best. Take a bath with candles to destress at night, read a magazine, take a walk or just chill with a glass of wine (with a straw of course) and your sheet mask on and watch your favorite movie.

3. Hydration is key. Drink water even if it's boring your skin will thank you for it. Plus make sure you get Hyaluronic Acid into your routine. It's literally like a shot of water to your skin.

4.Sleep is key. You don't want to be exhausted on the day this will totally affect your skin. Meditate or so 10 mins of yoga to help relax you. We love a silk pillow and eye mask to aid in a good night's sleep.

5. Get your greens in for the glow. The quickest way to do this is a nice green juice.

6. Getting your powder Collagen in is also a goodie. Great for your hair, nails and your skin. It really helps reduce fine lines and basically over time helps give the skin a plump glowing complexion.

Remember Glowing Skin is Always In.

Love Lumi Glo Team