Meet Shahnaz the Queen behind the Glow.

Updated: Jun 21

I created the brand after spending 10 years of being a makeup artist. I think while doing make

up I realized how much I love working on skin. I love how Skincare makes such a difference to the makeup application.

Applying the foundation is the easy part. It's getting the skin to look absolutely amazing is the key. Investing in your skin is an absolute must.

I thought my mission in life when I discovered makeup in my 30s was to make models look beautiful and make pretty pictures. Write about all my makeup tips and tricks and film some videos. But actually I think my goal now in my 40s is to help women and men and even teens with their skin issues.

I have struggled with bad skin, dehydrated skin and now crazy pigmentation all my life.

My main focus for me has been the fight against pigmentation. Even though my husband and friends tell me my skin looks great I always feel so self-conscious. I can only imagine how others feel in the situation.

I didn't suffer acne scarring or really bad acne like others do. My mother did but she always struggled on how to treat it.

Our face is our canvas and it affects our self-confidence if our skin doesn't look good. As a teen it was worse because kids are so much harder on each other. I am always on my daughter to love her skin and finding products that will really help her.

Skincare and good active skincare can really help with this. This has definitely become my mission in life. I want to spread the glow and love. To help others with their skin concerns so that they feel good about themselves. Lumi Glo was created for just that.

CBD was never my initial focus but with its amazing skin benefits especially the inflammatory benefits I knew this was the way to start. The Hydration Booster is the first of four to launch and it's a goodie. We will be launching some new sheet masks, eye masks and serum versions of the mask later this year. So watch this space.

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